New Cd's out now !!!

Achim Escher, Solo
"an W. Lüdi" / 10 improvised pieces for alto and baritone saxophones

Achim Escher, reeds
- veto-records 015 / solo series -

special and limited edition - artwork by Sonnenzimmer (Chicago)

Flo Stoffner, Solo

Flo Stoffner, guitar
- veto-records 014 / solo series -

special and limited edition - artwork by Sonnenzimmer

Adasiewicz / Erb/ Roebke
"Yuria's Dream"

Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone
Christoph Erb, reeds
Jason Roebke, bass
- veto-records/exchange 009 -

limited edition - artwork by Sonnenzimmer

"Easel" Erb/Lonberg-Holm/Zerang US-Tour now in April
Yves Reichmuth 4th on then road in May
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Coming soon !!!

Vera Kappeler plays "Paul Burkhard"

Vera Kappeler, piano
- veto-records 016 / solo series -

artwork by oter&zbin

Coming up in June/July

Le Pot
Manuel Mengis, tp / Manuel Troller, guit / HP Pfammatter, keys /
Lionel Friedli, dr
- veto-records 017 -

artwork by oter&zbin

"Still available form the Chicago Improvised-Serie (limited editions)"

Erb/Baker/Zerang (veto-exchange 001)
Erb Alone (veto-exchange 002)
"SACK" Erb/Lonberg-Holm/Roebke/Rosaly (veto-exchange 003)
Screw and Straw (veto-exchange 004)
Luzern-Chicago Connection (veto-exchange 005)
Erb/Baker (veto-exchange 006)
Bererberg Trio (veto-exchange 007)
Duope (veto-exchange 008)

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